One of the goals of the project is to build linkages, contribute to capacity building and leadership across key sectors within diasporas, business, the public sector, political and civil society communities. The initiative will engage multiple individuals from a variety of backgrounds to establish the significance of transnational connections, and will promote ways to form, maintain and shape transnational ties in order to protect and build social cohesion, and develop the benefits of a multicultural and pluralist society.

Opportunities to participate

  • Follow or contribute to an academic workshop hosted by the Rottman School of Business in spring 2016 that will generate applied research on the link between pluralism and economic prosperity
  • Join roundtable consultations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax in spring 2016 that will gather views from business, labour, industry associations, academic institutions, and experts in migration and settlement
  • Be part of consultations with Canadian diaspora in the UK and the USA and provide perspectives on the contribution of Canadians abroad
  • Support or participate in the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Annual Conference in Vancouver in November 2016 on the theme of diversity, pluralism and the future of citizenship
  • Follow our social media and youth-led focus groups on transnational identity and international connectivity
  • Attend our policy launch in early 2017, where together with project partner The Global Centre for Pluralism, the project will deliver policy recommendation and propose initiatives to capitalize and leverage the economic and social benefits of diversity